Op Art Apples


Creative Sketchbook, Module 1,

Chapter 2, Activity 2.2


Paint simple shapes with differing proportions of complementary colours to create optical colour mixing 


Many, many years ago, I had a black and white ‘op art’ dress in a squashed rectangle design, which looked uniformly grey from a distance, but made my eyes go googly if I looked at it too closely!  

I expected this exercise would produce a similar effect as far as colour concerned, but I don’t think it has. Nor do my paintings give any sense of movement like the ‘op art’ designs I remember from my youth. Perhaps I should have painted an apple with smaller shapes, but my eyes (by which I really mean the varifocals) aren’t up to coping with anything much smaller! I wish now I’d tried to experiment more with mixing different shapes and sizes, like I did on apple 3. It was an interesting activity, but I’m not sure I like it!

About chrisharding53

I'm a former journalist and sub-editor who loves needlework, reading and writing, and is still searching for the Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything. Until I find the answer I'm volunteering at an Oxfam Book Shop and learning about Creative Sketchbooks!

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