Module 1 – Chapter 10 ( Zig Zag Colour Book)


Creative Sketchbook, Module 1
Chapter 10: ZigZag Book
Activity 10.1: Celebrating Colour. Choose your favourite colour and put together a zigzag book which celebrates this colour. You can use any of the techniques explored in earlier chapters, along with coloured papers (made or found) and photographs and images from magazines and newspapers.

Aims: The colour was never in any doubt – I’ve always loved blue (left to my own devices everything in the house would be blue, and I’d only wear blue clothes but, fortunately perhaps, my family force me to exercise some restraint). Anyway, I wanted this zigzag book to be something special to me, because although Module 1 has taken me such a long time (with the hugest gap in the middle), I really have loved working on it, and I’ve played around with all kinds of new techniques, and found new ways of looking at things. So I’ve tried to celebrate blue things, rather than just the colour blue. I’m not sure if I’ve met the brief, but I wanted to interpret this in my own way, and even if it’s not very good, it really is all my own work. And I wanted to think about it, and plan it out properly beforehand, rather than following my usual scatter-gun approach, which means I tend to jump straight in, without sufficient preparation, then get side-tracked on to something completely different, or disappointed because things don’t pan out as I anticipated.

First I gathered blue objects – beads, buttons, scraps of material, wool, embroidery threads, postcards, photos, pictures etc, and put them in an ‘Inspiration Box’. Then I made a Mind Map of all sorts of things I like, with a list of the various activities we’ve done on the course, and tried to marry the two together so I had eight ideas (one for each of the eight pages in the book), and the techniques I thought suitable for them. And I got a postcard sized sketchbook (A6) to keep track of my ideas and work some little samples (a bigger sketchbook would be much too daunting for what’s essentially a sampler).

I did consider cutting the top of my book into an arch shape, or creating a border which could go on each page, but I decided it’s best left simple. But I have got a front and back cover, because all books need covers.

The Blue Marble (Page 1 of my Zigzag Book).
On reflection I’m not sure if this is quite blue
enough, and the photo doesn’t show that
the background really is a good, dark blue.

 These are photos of my notes and trial runs.


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I'm a former journalist and sub-editor who loves needlework, reading and writing, and is still searching for the Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything. Until I find the answer I'm volunteering at an Oxfam Book Shop and learning about Creative Sketchbooks!

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