The Start of Something New


DSC_0270Well, I finally finished Module 1 of the Distant Stitch Creative Sketchbook course (I know, it took me long enough), and I’ve embarked on Module 2. Because I wasn’t very organised with Module 1 it seemed a good idea to spend a couple of days establishing some kind of order. So I’ve downloaded the Workbook, read it very thoroughly, and drafted out Action Plans for the first couple of chapters, with notes on useful materials and equipment, and some ideas I’d like to try out.

I’ve tidied up all my pens, pencils, paints, paper etc, cleaned my work surface, and bought a new A4 sketchbook, and two box files – one for all the bits of paper, junk mail, newspaper and magazines that I’ve been hoarding, the other for alphabet stamps, sticks on and other bits and pieces that caught my interest.

And finally I’ve printed out the Health and Safety guidelines, a time sheet, and the form for costing materials and equipment (with a folder for receipts). 

So let’s get started…


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