Module 2, Chapter 1, Title Page



I’m not at all sure that starting a new Creative Sketchbook module in the run-up to Christmas, New Year, Younger Daughter’s graduation (her second!) and Elder Daughter’s wedding was necessarily a good idea, because there has been so much else to do, and I seem to have fallen behind before I’ve even got properly started. Until now I’ve been working on this as and when I can, but normal life has just resumed, and I am loving this module, which is called Word Search, and is all about letters – as in ABC, rather than documents you send or receive (though they can be used for various projects). I planned to post the whole of the first chapter (Fantastic Fonts) when I’d completed all the activities, but I feel have to get something up on the blog or I shall lose confidence. So here goes.

Title Page

This is my Title Page for Creative Sketchbook, Module 2, Chapter 1. The letters are cut from a lovely little book called Outdoor Types: An Urban Alphabet, by Simon Jennings (published by Ilex Press Ltd). It gives a brief history of each letter of the alphabet, and has dozens of images for every letter, including stencilled letters, painted signs, iron work, neon lights, brass letters, wire, inscribed letters, scratched letters, cracks in surfaces that look like letters. They’ve been taken from torn posters, cracked plaster, peeling paint, rusting metal and rotting wood, and they’ve been found in what the author describes as ‘the built environment’, which means they’re mostly very grungey – think urban dereliction and industrial decay and you’ll get the picture. To be honest, it’s a shame to cut the book up, but it’s such a fantastic resource, and I love the photos so much, and it was only 99p in a sale… But now I’ve chopped bits out of it I may have to go and buy another copy!

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